85mm 1.8/g – The Perfect Portrait Lens

This lens is hands down my favorite prime lens for portraits. At 85mm on a full frame body, you are able to maintain a ‘talking’ distance with your subjects, which I found non-existent with the 105mm focal length.  You do have to move your feet to get the perfect composition, but the f/1.8 aperture is unmatched when comparing it to whats available in zoom lenses. All in all, I still prefer the 50mm for everyday situations, but when it comes to portrait (outdoor) photography, this 85mm is phenomenal to use.

Here are some pics using my sister as a model, and of course, a bonus picture of Buzz the yellow lab 🙂



This picture of Buzz really shows off the awesomeness of f/1.8. The depth of field is so shallow, that focusing on his nose makes even his eyes out of focus.


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